employU Expands Its In-Person Service Area to Tallahassee

employU now in Tallahassee, Downtown Tallahassee photoIn 2021, the demand for workers has risen significantly. Businesses are feeling the pinch of employee shortages on both a national and local level. According to a survey done among a group of CFOs of major U.S. Corporations, in August of 2021 by CNBC, 95% say it’s harder to fill open positions now than in previous years. With such a demand for workers and so many available openings to choose from, it would seem that jobseekers would have an easy task ahead of them. However, finding the opportunity that best fits each jobseeker’s skillset, circumstances, and career goals can be even more challenging when so many possible opportunities are presented at once.  

Enter employU who has recently opened an office in Tallahassee to assist local businesses and jobseekers alike. Our organization aims to not only find the career opportunities that best suit our customers, but also aid businesses in finding employees who add value to their workforce. At no cost to the customer nor to the business, employU provides employment services that foster an inclusive workforce and assist jobseekers with disabilities in preparing for and obtaining a fulfilling career. “It’s not just a job search, it’s a support system that helps identify a person’s strength and abilities to secure long-term employment that is fulfilling and rewarding,” explains Executive Director, Keith Bourkney.   

Employers also benefit from employU’s services. Partnering with employU is a risk-free way businesses can fill the gaps in their workforce, or find help for their busy seasons or large projects. Through employU’s on-the-job training programs, employU customers work at host businesses while employU pays the wages. employU also covers liability insurance of $1,000,000 and the State of Florida provides workman’s compensation insurance. Businesses are able to interview employU customers just as they would any other candidate. Ongoing support is also part of on-the-job training. An employU Job Coach will check in with the customer’s supervisor to ensure that everything is going well and help address any challenges if needed. In this way, employers who partner with employU gain workers and support at no cost to them. “[employU] really did all the work for us…so that all we had to do was get their folks to work…I think that it’s an untapped resource…It’s just a no-brainer. It’s great for the economy. It’s great for the [employU customers]. It’s great for us,” comments Crystal, Chief Operating Officer of Compsys who is an employU business partner.   

We are excited to join the Tallahassee community in strengthening the local workforce by providing a variety of tailored employment solutions for both job seekers and businesses. To find out how to become an employU business partner visit https://employu.org/business-partners/  

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