Projecting Her Path to Independence: Miracle’s Story

Optimistic and eager to work, Miracle is an employU customer who brightens any room she enters. Upon being referred to employU, Miracle decided to participate in Project SEARCH. Project SEARCH is a collaborative program between vocational rehabilitation, employU, the school district, and the Cleveland Clinic. This very specified Industry-Based Work Experience Program allows students the opportunity to gain experience working within a medical setting at the Cleveland Clinic hospital. 

Students who participate in this unique, business-led program experience total workplace immersion. A seamless combination of classroom instruction, career exploration, and hands-on training through worksite rotations, Project SEARCH facilitates career preparation for a variety of different positions and departments within the medical field.  

During her year-long internship at the Cleveland Clinic Tradition Medical Center, Miracle worked in three different departments learning a variety of skills. The Project SEARCH program not only provided the opportunity for Miracle to gain these valuable workforce skills, she also gained a ton of independence through the program as well! After completing the program, Miracle was ready to enter the workforce and begin working right away.   

Just three weeks after completing her internship with Project SEARCH, Miracle was hired by Fairfield Inn & Suites. Here, she works as the Breakfast Buffet Attendant a few mornings a week. Miracle shadowed her coworker Beverly who taught her some tips and tricks for her new job. She starts the morning off by putting the breakfast food into a hot warmer bowl and preparing all of the plastic utensils and plates. When guests come to her station for food, Miracle informs the guest of what’s on the menu for the day and serves them at their request.  In between guests, she restocks the mini-fridge with yogurt and mini milk boxes. She then cleans up her station and prepares the food for the lunch shift. She enjoys her job and is a pleasure to work with. We are so proud of Miracle for her work ethic and determination to prepare for and join the workforce. We can’t wait to see where the future takes her!