Your Power this Holiday Season: Ideas for Celebrating Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Box of HeartsGiving Tuesday (or #GivingTuesday) is a movement around celebrating your generosity that has spread across the globe. There is power in giving and it’s something that should be commemorated! Every act of generosity, no matter how seemingly small, can make a positive impact. And those impacts mean YOU have the power to change the local and global communities around you.

Of course, generosity is appreciated year-round, but on this designated Tuesday, November 30th, a spotlight is placed on those who choose to make a difference in the lives of others around them. Below are a few quick, easy ideas on how you can celebrate Giving Tuesday this year.


  • Donate to an organization of your choice

This is what comes to mind to most when thinking of Giving Tuesday. Although we typically hear of businesses or celebrities making large donations to the organizations they support, a donation of any size can make a big difference. Most organizations have a landing page or instructions on how to donate, employU is no different. Our Support Us page has two ways you can join employU in fostering an inclusive work environment and providing employment solutions for our communities. Check out our Support Us page here.

  • Get the Word Out

If you are unable to donate, there are still ways for you to give back. One of those ways is as simple as a click or two on your computer or phone. Sharing, liking, or commenting on a social media post of your favorite organization can help others to see their message. This helps build awareness for the organization and its mission in a big way. Tagging friends and family members in the comments of the organization’s social media post may also be a way to share the organization with people who you think will be interested in hearing more about them. (Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to see more from us.)

  • Sign Up

If the organization has an email list you can sign up for, doing so can keep you informed on any upcoming events or plans the organization has. Staying “in the know” as a supporter gives you the power to participate in and share the organization’s successes as they happen. It can also allow you ample time to attend events or take part in any initiatives you may be interested in. (Sign up for our digital newsletter here.)

  • Give Your Time

Volunteering your time is another way to support an organization. Whether you’re donating specific services you can provide or volunteering your time on a special project held by the organization, volunteers often contribute to so many successes of charities and nonprofits. Your time, effort, and skill are priceless assets you can give in lieu of monetary donations.

  • Use Built-In Donation Platforms

So many large companies now offer ways to donate through their platform – at no cost to you! Facebook now allows you to create a fundraiser on your birthday each year. 100% of the proceeds from your birthday fundraiser go to the nonprofit of your choice. (Find out more here)

AmazonSmile allows you to choose a nonprofit organization for Amazon to donate to on your behalf. 0.5% of the price of all of your eligible purchases will be donated to the organization by Amazon. That means you get the same products, same prices, same service from Amazon that you love, while Amazon pays to support your chosen charitable organization. (Click here to support employU through AmazonSmile.)

No matter how you choose to celebrate Giving Tuesday this year, we want to take a moment to thank you for choosing to give back to our local communities in any way you can. We know that it’s because of your generosity that we are able to assist so many of our jobseekers, businesses, and communities every day. Giving Tuesday is YOUR day! Make the most of it!