Motivated for More: Marcus’s Story

Working five hours a week at a local grocery store, Marcus wanted to find a job where he could work more hours and be part of a team environment. Because Marcus receives SSI benefits, he joined ADEN in order to gain assistance in acquiring a new job and to try working more hours without losing his benefits. Through the Ticket-to-Work program and ADEN, Marcus was referred to employU, where he met his Employment Specialist, Joyce.

Ticket-to-Work is a free and voluntary program by the Social Security Administration that is available to recipients who wish to pursue employment opportunities. The program aims to help decrease reliance on SSI and SSDI and increase financial and independent well-being of program recipients.

Right away, Joyce saw that Marcus was extremely motivated, but not exactly sure on how to begin looking for a new job. This is where Joyce lent a hand. She assisted him with searching for positions, filling out applications, and practicing for interviews. Before long, Marcus had a job interview at Marshall’s Department Store. It seems that all of Marcus’s interview practice with Joyce paid off! The interviewer was impressed with Marcus’s motivation and friendly, outgoing personality. He was hired and has consistently worked 20 hours a week since.

Acclimating to his new workplace and position quickly, Marcus finally feels like he has found a place of employment where he is truly part of a team. At Marshall’s he not only fits in but is also a highly respected team member. Due to his positive can-do attitude and strong work ethic, Marcus has been given an opportunity to work in different areas in the store. His managers and his co-workers comment that he brings a wonderful, upbeat energy to the team and atmosphere.

An added bonus to this perfect job match? Marcus has made friends at the job and now has an active social life, participating in various activities and events outside of the workplace. Marcus’s mom, Ellen, says she has never seen him happier, and she attributes that to the new job and his team at Marshall’s.

We are so proud of Marcus for thriving in his new job and having the drive to strive for more! For more information on the Ticket to Work program visit