Passion, Charm, and “Super-Abilities”: Hunter’s Story

Passion, Charm, and “Super-Abilities”: Hunter’s Story

Hunter At WorkHunter is an employU client with an amazing personality. He has experience advocating for people with disabilities as a volunteer at the ELS Center for Autism and Best Buddies. He also loves to show the world how Autism has given his “super-abilities” – a remarkable memory and attention to detail. 

Charming and friendly, it’s no wonder his Employment Specialist, Susan, knew he would be a great fit for the hospitality industry. Hunter has a certification in Hospitality Management and had expressed an interest in working at a hotel or resort.  While working with another agency, Hunter was placed in an on-the-job training at a hotel with tasks such as laundry and housekeeping. Unsatisfied with the agency and wanting to gain experience working with guests, Hunter was referred to employU, where he met Susan. 

Susan agreed that Hunter would be better suited for a position working more closely with guests. She set him up for an interview for an on-the-job training at Hilton Garden Inn. After meeting with Hunter and Susan, hotel General Manager, Jacqueline, agreed that Hunter would be a great asset to the hotel and was excited for Hunter to start his eight-week on-the-job training with them. 

On-the-Job Trainings (OJTs) are a great option for anyone of any age to explore new industries and career paths. Whether a customer is looking to see if a particular field is right for them or gain experience in an industry they are passionate about, OJTs can serve as a “foot in the door” for many.  

During his OJT, Hunter is being cross-trained at the Front Desk and in the hotel Café, as a Host. Susan is confident Hunter will excel in these positions and provide hotel guests with outstanding customer service. Excited to further develop his hospitality skills, Hunter looks forward to the career journey ahead of him.  For more information on our adult employment services visit  

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