A New Path Towards Success: Zach’s Story

Zach WorkingAn employU client with an amazing support system in his family, Zach participated in Project SEARCH in 2019. He was hired full-time at the Cleveland Clinic where he worked for over a year before deciding that he would excel further in a different environment. Knowing Zach has a remarkable memory and eye for detail, his Employment Specialist Susan believed a job in logistics may be a good fit for him.  

Susan contacted the general manager at Yo Zuri to discuss an 8-week On-the-Job Training (OJT) for Zach. She provided 100% job coaching for the first week to make sure Zach was well prepared and comfortable in his new position. In less than a week on the job, Zach was able to perform his job duties with little supervision. He learned to read shipping invoices and pick the merchandise needed for packing. This requires Zach to follow an alpha-numeric system to locate items on the shelves and calculate how many pieces of merchandise he needs per box. Zach’s mind for math and impeccable memory allowed him to quickly complete these tasks.  

To Zach, this job is like a game show. He compares it to being on Supermarket Sweep and enjoys his job duties. Susan continues to provide job coaching to Zach throughout his OJT but because Zach is successfully completing his tasks on the job, she has been able to decrease the amount of job coaching needed. She remains available to assist with any training needed for new job duties that may be assigned to him.  

Zach is working hard to shine in this OJT and hopes that once completed, he will be offered a permanent position at Yo Zuri. Susan believes he can accomplish this goal stating, “Zachary is showing us all just how amazing he is and what he can do if given a chance to learn.” For more information on our Adult Employment Services visit https://employu.org/adult-employment-services/