April 29, 2022


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Social Activities and Career Prep for Homeschooled Students Without An IEP or 504 Plan 

Social Activities and Career Prep for Homeschooled Students Without An IEP or 504 Plan

Public, private, charter, and home school options all provide different benefits when it comes to a student’s education. Deciding which is right for your child may depend on several different factors. While there are many beneficial aspects to each learning environment, there are also unique challenges that come along with those benefits. For guardians who choose homeschooling for their students, finding social groups and activities for them to participate in is one of the challenges that may arise. 

Public, private, and charter schools tend to have an intrinsic social aspect to them since students are learning together in one environment. While homeschool students often benefit from receiving a more individualized and tailored education experience, finding ways to still incorporate peer interaction can be challenging.  And finding social activities where the student can find a community of peers they relate to is ideal. 

For students with disabilities, there are no-cost options that not only provide social interactions with peers they may relate to, but also provide career discovery, exploration, and preparation experiences. Some services also allow students to get paid for their time while participating. Through Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), students can choose from a variety of services with disability employment vendors. As a vendor of VR, employU offers the following youth services at no cost to the client; 


Getting Started with VR

For students who have an IEP or 504 plan through the public school system, going through the Pre-ETS program is the fastest way to start receiving services through VR. For more information on how to get started with VR if your student has an IEP or 504 plan, click here. 

Students with disabilities who do not have an IEP or 504 plan are able to sign up for VR services through the Traditional route. Unlike students who sign up through the Pre-Ets program (who are not eligible for some services like Vocational Evaluations), students who sign up through the Traditional route are eligible for the full range of pre-employment services. Students who sign up for VR through the Traditional route are also able to seamlessly transition into the adult employment services program when the time comes.  


What is needed to apply to VR through the Traditional Route

Students ages 14-21 with a diagnosed disability may apply for VR services through the traditional route. 

How to Apply to VR 

To apply to VR, contact our relationship management team using the form below. Our staff can assist you through each step of the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Or you may visit your closest VR office to speak to a VR representative directly.  


What Happens After Registering with VR? 

After registering with VR, you may speak to a VR counselor to request a service and vendor. You are able to choose which employment services vendor you would like to work with. If you choose and request employU, our staff will receive your referral and contact you right away to get your student started. 


How Do employU’s Transition Youth Services Provide Social Interaction? 

Gaining and strengthening soft skills, such as communication and interpersonal skills, are a very big part of career preparation. These skills are practiced virtually among students in our Career Camps, Self-Advocacy Trainings, and Work Readiness Trainings. Through Paid Work-Based Learning Experiences (WBLE), also known as on-the-job trainings, students are able to practice these skills, in person, in a workplace environment with the assistance of a job coach. For more information on employU’s Transition Youth Services, click here and check out the resources below. 

Career Camps: An Alternative for Summer Jobs for Students 

Industry-Based Work Experience Programs

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