Employment Solutions for Veterans 

Employment Solutions for Veterans

Veterans offer an incredible combination of leadership abilities, unique experiences, and various sets of skills to the workforce. These assets, which were honed during years of military service bring value to employers and communities. But according to a report published by Prudential, two-thirds of veterans experience a challenging transition from military to civilian life. The biggest challenge veterans named is “finding a job.”  Below we go over some of the barriers veterans face when it comes to finding employment and ways employU services can assist in overcoming these challenges.  


Transitioning skills gained during military service to civilian employment 

Explaining how military skills are applicable in a civilian job setting can be difficult for many veterans. Many may know that they are able to fulfill the job duties of an employment opportunity but may not know how to explain why or how they are able to do so.  An employU Employment Specialist is able to assist with this. Translating skillsets and how they apply to different job duties and settings are something our Employment Specialists can communicate to both jobseeking veterans and potential employers. Employment Specialists can also assist Veterans in building their resumes to include these skill sets. 


Out of practice  

Veterans may feel they are out of practice when it comes to conducting an effective job search and interviewing for a job opening.  Not knowing where to look or how to best communicate their skills to potential employers can cause unnecessary challenges for veterans looking for work. Providing the resources needed for a successful career path, an employU Employment Specialist is able to assist each jobseeker in their job search, expertly matching a veteran’s skills to job openings available within their community. An Employment Specialist can also practice interview skills with the jobseeker, as well as attend interviews with them. Ultimately providing the jobseeker with a support system that is much more than just job search assistance, an Employment Specialist acts as a resource, advocate, and employment expert for each client they serve. 


Health concerns  

Physical and mental health challenges acquired during military service often cause concern for veterans looking for employment. Not knowing that accommodations may be available or how to ask for them is another challenge veterans face when looking for a job. Not only does employU offer Self-Advocacy Workshops to teach veteran jobseekers about their rights within the workplace, how to advocate for themselves, and what possible job accommodations can look like, employU Employment Specialists also act as advocates on behalf of the jobseeker. Employment Specialists can work with both the jobseeker and employer to find accommodations that support successful outcomes.  


For more information on free Veteran Employment Services visit https://employu.org/veteran-resources/  

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