Work From Home Job Tips

Work From Home Job Tips

Remote jobs are always in demand. A lot of times, the flexibility that comes from working from home allows for more work-life balance and a more comfortable, customizable work environment for the employees.  This can be a solution for parents of small children, those who love to travel, and people with disabilities. But working from home does come with its own challenges. Our client and disability advocate, Samantha Lebron, has some tips for success when working remotely. 


Set Up a Dedicated Workspace  

Though it can be tempting to lay in bed as you get work done on your laptop, creating a designated workspace in your home can help limit distractions and get you in the work mindset. “Creating a designated workspace will help establish a boundary between work and your personal life. Make sure the area is a quiet space where you can focus without distractions. … For those with disabilities, your workspace should be designed to fit your needs. This can include making sure a desk or table is the suitable height if you are a wheelchair user or using adaptive equipment,” Samantha explains. 


Ask for Accommodations  

While working from home can make tailoring your work area to your needs much easier, you may still need accommodations from your employer. Samantha describes what accommodations can look like when working remotely. “…An employer can be asked about accommodations for a job to be performed effectively. This can include flexible hours, assistive technology, or software. Assistive technologies can be screen readers, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, voice recognition, braille displays, adaptive keyboards, and mouse devices.” employU can assist with making sure accommodations can be met by an employer. 


Stick to a Routine  

One of the many benefits of working from home is the aspect of work-life balance. But sometimes it also has the opposite effect and work can start to blend into personal time. “Many remote jobs will give you the ability to work flexible hours, which is great. But it is also beneficial to have a set routine. Even if you have flexible hours, create a work schedule for yourself,” Samantha advises. This can help to not only keep boundaries when it comes to your working hours, but also create an environment of productivity and organization.  

Dress for Success  

Another way to keep work and home life from blending when working remotely? Dressing for work. Samantha explains, “…It may be tempting to stay in comfy clothes all day but getting dressed as if you were going to the office can influence your mindset. Making the mind shift from relaxation mode to work mode can improve your work performance.” And once you’ve finished working for the day, changing back into comfortable clothing can help take you out of work mode and allow you to transition from work to home life.  

Importance of Self-Care  

Burnout can happen, even when working from home! This is why it’s important to set boundaries and exercise self-care regularly. “Self-care can be in the form of breaks, engaging in enjoyable activities, or staying connected to family and friends,” says Samantha. Boundaries also play a key role in preventing feelings of burnout. “Setting boundaries between work and personal life is essential to one’s self-care.”  


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