Going Virtual: Virtual Training Classes Keep Clients Engaged During COVID-19

This spring, in-person activities were halted throughout the country as the nation was affected by COVID-19.  Our community and employU were no exception.  Without the ability to meet in person, employU turned to technology to keep our clients engaged. We successfully kicked off our first-ever Virtual Pre-Employment Training Class on Saturday, April 18th.  The class was a hit with 19 participants.  Participants were led through a 20-hour interactive course over four days covering topics such as self-esteem and motivational skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, interview skills and resume building, networking, and mock interviews. 

The course was structured as follows: 

Day One (5hours): Positive Attitude and Confidence, Positive Self-Talk, Setting and Achieving Goals, Selling Points (Elevator Speech), Communication Skills and Body Language 

Day Two(5hours): Conflict Resolution, Interview Skills, Commonly Asked Interview Questions, Mock Interviews, Appropriate Dress, Social Media and Online Networking, Email Guidelines 

Day Three(5hours): Assertiveness, Resume Tips/Development, Job Descriptions and Job Search, Basic Job Application, Planning for the Future, Career Interest Survey, Stress Management 

Day Four(5hours): How to Follow-up After an Interview, Being a Great Employee, Positive Affirmations, Reality of Work, Transportation Options, Budgeting, ABLE United 

Taking the class from an in-person setting to an online one does bring some changes with it. However, our instructors did an incredible job helping participants learn to navigate this new online classroom set up. They kept them engaged in content that will prepare them for future jobsearch success down the road.  

Participants also received guidance prior to their class date in preparation for the new experience of taking a Pre-Employment Training class online.  This preparation included an introductory video with instructions, a survey to gauge tech skills, experience using online platforms, and reading and writing ability, and a 15-minute”tech check” to practice utilizing Microsoft Teams. 

Due to the success of this new concept, employU plans to continue to offer more online classes moving forward. To participate in the next class, one should contact their local Vocational Rehabilitation office for a referral. Participants must also have a reliable internet connection, a computer (no tablets), microphone and video capability, and basic computer and typing skills. 

View or download the flyer for more information on the Virtual PPT Classes.