Business Partner Highlight – Capture ISG

For a little over a year, employU has proudly partnered with Capture ISG. Capture ISG is a data collection and reporting company that specializes in employee and consumer telephone surveying, whose General Manager, Justin Council, is a former Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselor. With a background in Vocational Rehabilitation, Justin was able to tailor Capture’s newest project, Voice of the Participant (VOP), to the needs of Vocational Rehabilitation. VOP is a highly specialized survey program that is delivered directly to VR agencies. “The VOP program offers questions that are made exclusively for VR as well as accommodating methodologies to help people with all types of disabilities be included and feel their voices are heard,” Justin explains.

Since the beginning of their business partnership with employU, Capture has found great value in their on-the-job training placements. “All of our projects benefit because we have the luxury of having individuals who can lend their thoughts and ideas directly to the program managers, while also being relatable to the respondents on the other end of the phone or Video Phone,” Justin tells employU. With five individuals placed in on-the-job trainings and one permanent placement thus far, Capture has provided employU clients with work experience that contributes to a successful career path. employU client Sydney is currently working an on-the-job training writing creative content for Capture’s online media outlets. “Sydney’s vocational goal is to be a writer for Disney. We are hoping to help springboard that goal with some professional writing experience,” says Justin.

Looking towards the future, Capture will continue ongoing enhancement of the VOP program based upon feedback and input from their clients, as well as its other established services and projects, while continuing to offer work-based learning experiences to employU customers. “With employU’s partnership, Capture continues their proud tradition of being a rich, welcoming, and accommodating work environment. The participants are not the only ones who have grown while here; their time with us has allowed our staff and our programs to grow in new ways.” employU looks forward to seeing the bright future Capture ISG and our clients build together.
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