A Passion for Helping Animals – Selena’s Story

employU client standing in front of animal crates at animal shelterSelena is an employU client with a passion for animals and a strong desire to become a vet tech. She also had goals of being financially independent and being able to move out on her own while supporting herself.  Upon hearing Selena’s passion and goals, her Transition Coordinator Leita Strickland got to work.  

Selena began her journey with employU by participating in several virtual Career Camps where she was excellent at asking questions and always fully engaged in the activities. She began her first on-the-job training (OJT) at Ziggy’s Bird Rescue as an animal caretaker.  With her love for animals, this was a great stepping stone in gaining experience with handling animals while focusing on her job duties 

After relocating to Ocala, Selena made an ambitious move and contacted Country Critters Veterinary Clinic. They agreed to an on-the-job training with Selena! Shortly afterwards, Leita sent paperwork to the clinic so that Selena could start gaining experience as a vet tech assistant. During her OJT, Selena is shadowing vet techs and learning the ins and outs of working in the office, labs, and exam rooms. She has even been able to take dental X-rays and assist with exams. During this time, Selena also completed her initial coursework for a vet tech assistant online. She plans to continue her education to become a certified vet technician.  

Selena has achieved several goals within this time frame. She obtained another part-time job, her driver’s license, and a car. She’s also achieved her goal of moving out on her own and currently shares an apartment with a friend. She’s accomplished so much while balancing all of her responsibilities.  

We at employU are so proud of Selena and all she’s succeeded in thus far. Her strong motivation, perseverance, and optimistic attitude are definitely admirable. We look forward to seeing Selena continue to create a bright future for herself as she works to achieve all of her future goals.