Business Partner Highlight: Guardian Veterinary

Guardian Veterinary Business Partner HighlightBusiness partners are an essential piece of the puzzle of success at employU. Being able to partner with businesses that strive for a diverse, inclusive workplace is not only of great value to our clients and our organization, but to the community as a whole. Guardian Veterinary, one of our business partners located in Port St. Lucie, wholeheartedly shares our values when it comes to inclusivity in the workplace. 

A Veterinary Medical Center that also offers pet hotel, grooming, and daycare services, Guardian’s mission is to “help us all become better guardians” to our furry friends. All staff members at guardian must work in the pet hotel first, to gain practical experience working with and caring for animals. Not only do they take the responsibility of caring for your pet very seriously, but they are also there to help those looking to become a pet owner through education. They aim to help others make an informed decision on which pet may be best suited for their home based on the level of care needed, lifestyle, and other factors.  

Taking care of their employees is another responsibility Guardian Veterinary takes seriously.  employU client, Christian, completed an on-the-job training at Guardian before being hired on full-time. Making all employees feel accepted, comfortable, and welcomed is a top priority of the veterinary clinic. This creates an environment that fosters diversity, inclusivity, and communication. When Guardian agreed to start an on-the-job training (OJT) with another employU client, Christian was brought in on the meetings regarding her start. The team at Guardian wanted to make sure they did everything in their power to set the OJT participant up for success.  

Because Christian had experienced an on-the-job training at Guardian before getting hired, the staff at Guardian believed that having Christian train the new OJT participant would help her to feel more comfortable and get settled in. Christian also made it his mission to help her feel welcomed at Guardian from the start. Guardian’s company culture is something that is not only experienced by employees but taught to them through example. This creates an atmosphere where employees “pay it forward” in a sense. This type of workplace environment both shows employees that they are valued and encourages them to treat others in the same regard, just as Christian did with the new OJT participant. 

We want to thank Guardian Veterinary Medical Center for not only creating such an environment for our employU clients, but for also contributing to an inclusive workforce focused on awareness, acceptance, and teamwork. For more information on how to become an employU business partner, visit