Bradlie and Levi Succeed

Bradlie’s Story 

Bradlie at workBradlie is an employU client who came to use searching for a different work environment. He had experience working in fast food restaurants but hadn’t found an atmosphere where he was comfortable yet. His Employment Specialist, Linda, got to work searching for a position that matched Bradlie’s skillset and also prioritized workplace inclusivity. After some time, Linda found a position at Dunkin Donuts that was perfect.  

After starting his job at Dunkin, Bradlie tragically lost his mother due to a heart attack. Bradlie was now contributing to the household income and wanted to continue working through this hard time. Understandably, Bradlie was having a hard time completing tasks as quickly as other coworkers during this time. But his crew members at Dunkin came together to help Bradlie and show him that they are a team. With the help of his coworkers, Bradlie was able to improve his timing when completing tasks. Pretty soon Bradlie was even taking drive-through orders. Two years later, Bradlie is still employed at Dunkin and is thinking about attending college to take a course in business. employU is honored to be a part of Bradlie’s journey to success and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. 


Levi’s Story

Levi at workLevi is an employU customer who participated in a twelve-week on-the-job training (OJT) at Rockledge Gardens. One of the most beautiful places in Brevard County, Rockledge Gardens is the largest and most complete garden center in the area. “Rockledge Gardens is a beautiful environment, and the staff are very nice,” says Levi. 

During his OJT, Levi worked as a janitor and proved to be a valuable and dependable team member. Because of this, he was nominated by the owner of Rockledge Gardens, Kevin, for the company’s “Weekly Wow” recognition. Every week, leaders acknowledge staff members for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to customer service through the “Weekly Wow.”  

“Levi is consistent, kind, smiling, quiet, and thorough, swooping in and out like a ninja making this place more beautiful every day. We are so grateful that he’s here,” remarks Kevin. Levi did so well that he was offered a permanent position after completing his OJT! employU is proud of Levi for working hard and achieving success. We are sure he will keep “wowing” everyone!