Job Search Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Looking for employment can be a difficult task at any time. But, with the new added complication of COVID-19, those looking for a job may have to do things a little differently when it comes to competing in the current market. The following are tips on how job seekers can increase the effectiveness of their job search and stand out from the rest.  

1. Social Media Can Be Key   

While many use social media as entertainment or a leisurely activity during down time, it can surprisingly be a very helpful tool during a job search.  Following companies within your industry of interest can not only alert you to job openings, but also keep you up-to-date with what may be going on in your industry.  Social media is also a great tool when it comes to researching a company’s culture and connecting with others within your field. Joining industry and area specific Facebook, Linkedin, and Meetup groups can help keep you “in the know” through networking.  

2. Take Some Courses 

Taking free online courses is a great way to boost your skills while you look for a job.  This could be taking classes specifically tailored for your industry or taking courses on resume building and interview skills. Either way, bolstering your skill set is a productive use of your time that could be that extra oomph needed to set you apart from other candidates.  

3. Look into Freelance 

While freelancing may not be what you’re looking for permanently, it can help bring in some income in the meantime.  Not only that, freelance is a great way to make connections within your industry while also adding to your resume and portfolio.  Finding freelance work isn’t as tricky as it initially seems.  Job boards like Media Bistro list freelance opportunities for marketing and creative professionals, while Indeed lists many types of jobs in many different fields. Setting up email alerts through Indeed with keywords such as “freelance” or “remote” and job positions you’re interested in will bring the job listings straight to your inbox. 

4. Do Some Research 

Searching for job openings can be time-consuming. But if you’re only researching job boards, you may be missing some important information.  Due to the current climate, many companies are in need of remote employees. Researching which companies have a high demand for new remote employees (start here) can speed up your job search tremendously.  

5. Look Outside of Your Industry 

It can be difficult to even think about starting over in a new industry.  But sometimes this can be the best move in the moment.  Look at your skill set and find ways your skills and work experience could be transferrable into different fields.  Remember, though you may feel a little out of your realm in a new industry, you want to be open to fields where the job opportunities are stronger.